Advanced Skin Clinic advocates the highest safety standards in all procedures and treats patient safety with paramount importance. Our dermatology specialists perform surgery to treat conditions and diseases of the hair, nails, skin, underlying tissue, mucous membranes, and glands.

The following are the common dermatology procedures performed at Advanced Skin Clinic:

  • Skin Surgery, is done for skin conditions such as Skin cancers, fungal infections that have damaged the fingernails or toenails, Acne scars, Keloid scars, cysts, and Warts
  • Chemotherapy injections, for warts and certain cancers
  • Cosmetic dermatology procedures. Such as Scar revision or removal, Excision of abnormal moles and swellings and liposuction,
  • Curettage — an instrument called a curette is used to scrape off the affected or diseased skin area
  • Cryosurgery is a type of surgery that involves the use of extreme cold to destroy abnormal tissues, such as tumors. The surgery most often involves the use of liquid nitrogen. When liquid nitrogen has a temperature between -346 and -320°F, it instantly freezes nearly anything that’s in contact with it. In the case of human tissue, it can kill and destroy cells upon contact. This is important when the cells you want to kill are cancerous. Cryosurgery is typically used for tumors or precancerous lesions found on your skin such as warts, skin tags and other benign lesions . Cryosurgery, also called cryotherapy, is similar to the technique used when doctors freeze off warts using liquid nitrogen spray.
  • Electrosurgery — we use an electric current to burn off remaining damaged or diseased skin cells
  • Skin grafting, Skin grafting is a surgical procedure that involves removing skin from one area of the body and moving it, or transplanting it, to a different area of the body. This surgery may be done if a part of your body has lost its protective covering of skin due to burns, injury, or illness.
  • Nail surgery, for diseases of the nails such as include onychomycosis (ie, fungal infection), onychocryptosis (ie, recalcitrant ingrown nails), onychogryphosis (ie, hornlike hypertrophy of the nail plate), and onychauxis (ie, thickened nails), as well as psoriasis, lichen planus, congenital nail dystrophies, and tumors.

At Advanced Skin Clinic we perform a wide spectrum of cosmetic and medical skin surgeries and procedures.

Complimentary Consultation

For all of our cosmetic procedures we offer complimentary consultation to be educated about treatment options, recovery time, and expected result.

We accept Insurance clients

For all of our medical procedures we accept all insurances. During your medical visit you will be educated about all risks and benefits of the surgery and the expected outcome.

  • Mole removal
  • Cyst removal
  • Abscess drainage
  • Non healing lesion biopsy
  • Skin cancer excision
  • Acne extraction
  • Acne scar revision
  • Ear lobe repair
  • Ingrown nail surgery
  • Nail extraction
  • Foreign body removal from skin
  • Warts excision
  • Skin nodules removal and biopsy
  • Sebaceous gland hyperplasia removal
  • Liposuction
  • Fat Transfer

Our procedures are performed in a comforting and relaxed atmosphere. We use all modalities of pain control including cooling devices, topical and local anesthesia.

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