Advanced Skin Clinic offers Botox injections for facial rejuvenation. In the Botox procedure, the muscles of the face that cause certain wrinkles are injected with an agent that causes a temporary paralysis of these muscles, resulting in reduction or elimination of the appearance of wrinkles. The most commonly treated areas are the glabella area (the vertical line in between the eyebrows), the forehead, and the crow’s feet area.

The results of Botox are not permanent and must be repeated every few months to maintain the rejuvenating effect. Botox injections are done with a very fine needle and do not require any pain medication or anesthesia. Many patients do not even feel the injection at all.

Botox injections are an excellent first step into the world of cosmetic procedures. It is also an excellent complement to volumizing fillers to soften wrinkles, and rejuvenating laser procedures. At Advanced Skin Clinic, all Botox injections are performed by a certified dermatologist.

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