What Is Injection Lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is the use of injections for fat reduction. We administer deoxycholate to a targeted area of the face and body, where it interacts with fat cells, dissolving them and causing them to die. The fat cells are then broken down and naturally removed from the body over the following weeks.

How Does It Work?

Deoxycholate solution is an injectable solution which liquefies fat cells, destroying them for good. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are slowly  removed  by  the  macrophages (foam  cells) in the concomitant inflammatory response, resulting in fat reduction in the treated area, while at the same time newly laid down collagen tightens the overlying skin.

It is quick, convenient and minimally invasive.

Areas treated?

At Advanced Skin Clinic, we primarily use injection lipolysis in the face, but we can use it to safely remove small quantities of fat from any area, such as

  • upper and lower abdomen
  • lower back (“love handles”)
  • hips (“muffin edges”)
  • fat-related bulges on the back (e.g. below the bra)
  • post-liposuction corrective actions for dents or bulges

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