Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

What is hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)?
Sweating is the body’s natural regulatory response to a rise in temperature, cooling itself down and preventing you from overheating. Hyperhidrosis is when an individual sweats excessively, even without physical activity, a hot climate or other situations that would normally cause a rise in body temperature. Hyperhidrosis affects many people, causing embarrassment, anxiety, and in some cases, complete avoidance of social situations.
What causes excessive sweating?
Excessive sweating is caused by overactive sweat gland. This is especially pronounced when nervous or under stress. While hyperhidrosis typically affects individuals who are otherwise healthy, it sometimes occurs along with other conditions.

  • • How is hyperhidrosis diagnosed?
  • • How is excessive sweating treated?
• How is hyperhidrosis diagnosed?
  • Excessive sweating is usually noticeable, making hyperhidrosis relatively easy to diagnose. Lab testing may be done to rule out other conditions, such as overactive thyroid.
• How is excessive sweating treated?

Several treatment options currently exist for excessive sweating:

  • Prescription antiperspirants are often the first recommended line of defense against hyperhidrosis, to be applied at bedtime.
  • Oral medications are sometimes prescribed to block the nerves. This option is not always pursued, as it may cause undesired side effects.
  • Botox injections may be administered to block the nerves responsible for excessive underarm sweating; for best results, these injections need to be repeated regularly. In addition, this treatment option is not always covered by insurance, making it expensive.
  • Surgery may be performed to remove the sweat glands. As with all surgical procedures, this procedure carries a some risk of complications.

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